Wood Flour

Supplier: American Wood Fibers
Product type:
  • Fillers >> Biofillers
  • Product performance

    Wood Flour by American Wood Fibers is a functional filler. It is insoluble in water. Compatible with thermoset resins like melamines and phenolics for high heat automotive and appliance products.... 

    • Applications / Recommended for
    • PVC (Polyvinylchloride) >> PVC Compound (flexible or plasticized)
    • PVC (Polyvinylchloride) >> PVC compound (rigid or unplasticized compound)
    • Appearance
    • Light to dark colored granular
    • Physical Form
    • Solid
    • Material Status
    • Commercial
    Physical Properties
    NFPA Hazard Label (Health)
    NFPA Hazard Label (Flammability)
    NFPA Hazard Label (Reactivity)
    Moisture content (depending upon species)
    Bulk density
    pounds/cubic foot
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