Supplier: Roddenburg Biopolymers
Product type:
Thermoplastic >> Unspecified Thermoplastic [Unspecified Thermoplastic]

Product performance

Solanyl® is a biopolymer that has been engineered for injection molding purposes. It is fully biodegradable as it is based purely on natural and renewable resources and can be tailormade. Mechanical... 

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Conversion Mode
Injection molding - thermoplastics
Injection - First Heated Zone
110 °C
Injection - Nozzle Temperature
170 °C
Preferably, a temperature-controlled mold with a hot-runner having a diameter of minimal 1.5 mm is used. The optimum mold temperature depends on the wall thickness of the product. Solanyl has excellent flow properties enabling small wall thicknesses. Generally, the injection pressure is somewhat higher (20 to 30%) than needed when the same product would be made out of polyolefines. The use of a relatively large feeding zone combined with a large screw depth at the feeding zone is advantageous, in particular for a machine with a small screw diameter. The screw does not require further special features. A universal screw will suffice. As moisture content influences the material properties Solanyl is supplied with the correct moisture content and needs to be stored in sealed packaging.
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