Sebacic Acid

Supplier: Shipra Agrichem
Product type:
  • Other Additives for Liquid Systems >> Solvents
  • Plasticizers >> Non-Phthalates - TO BE DELETED
  • Product performance

    Sebacic acid. Acts as a plasticizer, solvent and softener. It is manufactured by splitting of castor oil followed by fusion with caustic. It is white crystalline powder or granular form slightly... 

    • Appearance
    • White
    • Physical Form
    • Various / Powder or granular form
    • Material Status
    • Commercial
    Physical Properties
    Purity By GC (Assay)
    Melting point
    Moisture (Water)
    Specific gravity @ 25°C
    Boiling point at 100mmHg (Lit)
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