ROKAcet R70

Supplier: PCC Exol
Product type:
  • Dispersing Agents
    • Labels & Ratings
    • REACH

    Product performance

    ROKAcet R70 by PCC Group is a castor oil-based alkoxylated fatty acid grade. Acts as a dispersant. It is a paste or semi-liquid paste subject to stratification. Suitable for paints and coatings.... 

    • Appearance
    • Yellow
    • Physical Form
    • Paste
    • Material Status
    • Commercial
    Physical Properties
    Density at 30°C
    Flash point, Open Cup
    Melting point/ freezing point
    Water Content
    pH of 1% solution @ 20°C
    Color in Iodine scale @ 50°C
    Saponification number
    mg KOH/g

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