Milecell 65 HPMC

Supplier: MPI Chemie
Product type:
  • Rheology Modifiers / Viscosity Modifiers / Thickeners >> Cellulosics >> Methyl Hydroxypropyl Celluloses (MHPC)
  • Product performance

    Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose ether. Acts as a thickener and film former. It is based on cellulose which is a renewable and the most common chemical compound in nature. Functions as a water... 

    • Appearance
    • White to slightly off-white
    • Physical Form
    • Various / Fibrous or granular powder
    • Material Status
    • Commercial
    Physical Properties
    Methoxy content
    Hydroxypropoxy content
    Residue on ignition
    Particle size (100mesh)
    Viscosity (2% solution, 20˚C)

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