Kalflex -14

Supplier: Varteco Quimica Puntana
Product type:
  • Plasticizers >> Non-Phthalates >> ESBO, Epoxidized Soybean Oils
  • Product performance

    Epoxidized soybean oil and primary plasticizers mixture. It behaves like a real polymeric plasticizer. It grants resistance to the extraction for oil, naphtha (gasoline) and soaped water to the PVC... 

    • Appearance
    • Clear
    • Material Status
    • Commercial
    Physical Properties
    Iodine index
    cg I2/gm
    Refractive index @ 25°C
    Relative density (25ºC/25ºC)
    Oxirane index
    cg O2/gm

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