Epoxol® 7-4

Supplier: American Chemical Service
Product type:
  • Plasticizers >> Epoxidized Oils (ESBO, ELO)
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    Product performance

    Epoxol® 7-4 from American Chemical Service is epoxidized soybean oil. Acts as a plasticizer. It is non-volatile, non-ionic, capable of reacting with 4-1/2 equivalents of mineral acid, halogen acid, or... 

    • Appearance
    • Yellow
    • Physical Form
    • Liquid
    • Material Status
    • Commercial
    Physical Properties
    Oxirane oxygen, ASTM D 1652
    % wt
    Acid number, AOCS Te 2a-64
    mg KOH / gm
    Iodine value, AOCS Cd 1-25
    cgm iodine / gm
    Peroxide value, AOCS Cd 8-53
    meq / Kgm
    Moisture & volatiles, AOCS Ca 2c-25
    % wt
    Color, AOCS Td 1b-64
    Pt / Co
    Color, AOCS Td 1a-64
    Specific Gravity @25°C, AOCS To 1b-64
    Viscosity @ 25°C, ASTM D 2196
    Flash point (Cleveland open cup)
    Vapor pressure @25°C
    mm Hg

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