DYNACOLL® Terra EP 480.01

Supplier: Evonik
Product type:
  • Monomers >> Polyols >> Polyester Polyols
  • Product performance

    Saturated, medium molecular weight polyester polyol. Exhibits inherent flame retardancy, which ensures that additional flame retardants are not required to be added to the formulation. It is a green... 

    • Appearance
    • Crystalline
    • Physical Form
    • Solid
    • Material Status
    • Commercial
    • Launch Date
    • 10/2014
    Physical Properties
    Hydroxyl number, DIN 53 240-2
    mg KOH/g
    Acid number, DIN EN ISO 2114
    mg KOH/g
    Molecular weight, calculated from hydroxyl number
    Melting Point, DSC
    Softening Point (R+B), DIN ISO 4625
    Viscosity @ 80 °C, DIN EN ISO 3219
    Glass transition temperature (Tg)
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