Biograde B-M

Supplier: Biograde Limited
Product type:
Thermoplastic >> TPS (Thermoplastic Starch)
  • Labels & Ratings
  • ISO 14855 (Biodegradability measurement)

Product performance

Blend of thermoplastic starch (TPS), aliphatic polyesters (AP) and natural plasticizers (glycerol and sorbitol). It is a fully biodegradable plastic based on corn starch which is a renewable material.... 

  • Material Status
  • Commercial
Mechanical Properties
Test Conditions
Test Method
Tensile Elongation
ASTM D-883
Tensile Strength (Tensile Stress)
ASTM D-883
Tensile Strength (Tensile Stress)
ASTM D-883
Physical Properties
Test Conditions
Test Method
Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR or MFI = Melt Flow Index or MI = Melt Index)
ASTM D1238
Conversion Mode
Extrusion >> Pipes
Extrusion >> Profiles
Injection molding - thermoplastics
Injection - Front Temperature
130 - 140
Injection - Middle Temperature
150 - 160 %
Injection - Mold Temperature
24 - 30
Injection - Nozzle Temperature
140 - 160
Injection - Processing (Melt) Temp
160 - 165
- Suggested Max Moisture
0.025 %
1.The moldings need to condition for 1-2 days after processing to develop their full strength. During the conditioning the starch component reabsorbs its moisture content making it more ductile. 2. BIOGRADE B-M resins can be blended with natural fibres such as flax, hemp, sisal and coconut hair (coir) to add reinforcement and to assist with water-wicking into thick section mouldings. 3. Wet resin should be dried before processing to limit degradation induced by water (hydrolysis)

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