Supplier: Rotuba
Product type:
Thermoplastic >> Cellulosic Polymers >> CA

Product performance

Cellulose Acetate. It is a scented grade. Can be made from either cotton linters or wood pulp -both renewable resources. These basic raw materials are esterified by a chemical process and hydrolyzed... 

  • Physical Form
  • Flakes
  • Material Status
  • Commercial
Conversion Mode
Injection molding - thermoplastics
Injection - Cycle Time-Booster
6 - 12 sec
Injection - Cycle Time-Cure
40 - 70 sec
Injection - Cycle Time-Injection (3)
8 - 12 sec
Injection - Drying Temperature
150 °F
Injection - Drying Time
2 hr
Injection - Mold Temperature
100 - 140 °F
100 - 180 °F
1. Too high of temperatures and drying times will burn out the fragrance. In the absence of a desiccant dryer, the injection molding machine hopper may be used. Tray dryers may also be used. 2. The mold vent for the tool should be .002” to .003”. If this is not the case, mold temperatures could be elevated to help drive off volatiles thereby reducing surface blushing. (180°F – 220°F). 3. Most molding thermolators use hot water as their medium. In the case of elevated mold temperatures as shown above, oil thermolators should be used as they can achieve high temperatures of 220°F and higher without turning to steam.
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