100% Biodegradable PUR

30 April 2014 | Asish Sarkar

Can polyurathane be 100% biodegradable available? Any company offer such matl?

Asish Sarkar | Sr. Chemical Engineer At East West Enterprise, LLC (United States)

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Posted by Luís Real | 07 May 2014

Although I'm not an expert in this matter, I have heard about 100% Biodegradable PUR synthesized in laboratory and I suppose it is also industrial manufactured. It is mostly used for implantable devices and fabrics.


Posted by Jim Hansgate | 09 May 2014

Polyurethane Poly-ether - No ( Polyol/Isocyanate - re: Urethanes) Poly-ester - Perhaps, since PHA Polyester polymers are biodegradable (but much smaller application area)


Posted by Behr | 14 May 2014

First you have to define biodegradability: is it assumed to produce only water, CO2, and small nitrogen compounds or nitrogen oder are small molecules allowed? Certain polyesterurethanes based on adipic acid and aliphatic diisocyanates could be candidates. As for commercial products contact the Elastogran AG at Lemförde, Germany.


Posted by Luís Real | 15 May 2014

Please, see for instance 2 examples: "Biocompatible, Biodegradable Polyurethane Materials With Controlled Hydrophobic to Hydrophilic Ratio US Patent 20140023725", and "Synthesis of a Novel Biodegradable Polyurethane for Tendon and Ligament Applications", both available from google search

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