Process for the Preparation of Polyurea-Thickened Lignin Derivative-Based Lubricating Greases, Such Lubricant Greases and Use Thereof

USPTO Patent Application US 2018/0258368 A1
Application Date: Sep. 13rd, 2018


The invention relates to a method for preparing lignin derivative-based lubricating greases thickened by a polyurea thickener, lubricating greases thus prepared, and the use of such lubricant greases, inter alia,...
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International Classification:
C10M 169/06 (20060101); C10M 151/04 (20060101); C10M 115/08 (20060101)
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What is claimed is:

1. A method to prepare a lignin derivative-containing lubricating grease comprising the following steps: bringing together an amine component with an isocyanate component in a first base oil and converting the same into a polyurea thickener;heating above 120° C. to produce a base grease containing at least a polyurea thickener, comprising...



This patent application is the U.S National stage under U.S.C. 371 of PCT/DE2016/000100 filed Mar. 9, 2016 and designating the United States and claims priority to German Patent Application No.: DE 10 2015 103 440.9 filed Mar. 9, 2015.
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