Natural Cosmetics Masterclass to Talk Over Food Formulation Trends

SpecialChem - December 18th, 2017
The new Natural Cosmetics Masterclass has announced that it will discuss the growing use of food ingredients in cosmetics & skin care products in its upcoming event taking place in San Francisco on 1st February.

Food-based Formulations

With many product developers and formulators looking to the kitchen for inspiration, food ingredients are making their way into personal care products. Although there are many business opportunities with ‘food-based’ cosmetics, there remain technical hurdles when using edible raw materials.

Organized by Ecovia Intelligence (formerly Organic Monitor), this new masterclass tackles the marketing and technical issues of using food grade materials in product formulations. The program comprises morning seminars and a training workshop.

Global Marketing Trends

Amarjit Sahota, Founder and President of Ecovia Intelligence, kicks off the program with an update on the global market for natural & organic personal care products. The latest market data and trends will be provided for North America, Europe, and Asia.

An update will also be given on leading standards for natural & organic personal care products. Details will be given of the new ISO 160128 standard for natural & organic cosmetics and ingredients, as well as an update on COSMOS and NaTrue standards.

Other seminars will cover novel food ingredients, marketing food-based cosmetics, and retailing case study.

Prospects & Issues with Food Formulations

The Formulating with Food Ingredients workshop will hone in on the opportunities and technical issues when using edible materials in cosmetic & personal care applications. The various classes of food ingredients will be introduced, followed by the use of green (kitchen) chemistry when developing products.

Details will be given of commonly used food grade raw materials, as well as case studies of brands successful with food-based personal care products. Practical guidance will be given to ingredient firm and personal care brands looking to capitalize on the food-cosmetics trend.

According to Ecovia Intelligence, many natural personal care brands are developing ranges based on key food ingredients, such as pomegranate, cocoa, coffee, green tea, and olive oil. Such ingredients add antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to product formulations. However, their use raises concerns about product stability, safety and performance. This masterclass has been designed to help brands overcome such technical hurdles, as well as realize business openings in this emerging field.

About Natural Cosmetics Masterclass

Organized by Ecovia Intelligence, the Natural Cosmetics Masterclass will take place at the Hotel Nikko San Francisco on 1st February 2018. For over 10 years, it has been hosting masterclasses and workshops at various international locations that include London, Paris, Nuremberg, Bologna, Barcelona, New York, São Paulo, Auckland, Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
Source: Ecovia Intelligence
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