Alban Muller Offers Marine Anti-aging Active Protectami® for Skin

SpecialChem - November 17th, 2017
Alban Muller has developed Protectami® an exclusive anti-pollution and and anti-aging natural marine active ingredient and now unveils a new in-vitro test.

Marine Active Ingredient

Protectami® is a purified extract of Padina, a brown algae from the Mediterranean Sea, preservative-free and stabilized in 100% plant-based glycerin.

Tested for its effectiveness, Protectami® highlights unique biological activities. Protectami® is a high performance anti-pollution and anti-aging marine ingredient for cosmetic formula.

New In-vitro Test

The New In-vitro Test on Protectami® proves the increased of elastin synthesis by a reduction of enzymatic activity of proteases and elastase. The test demonstrates the increase of cytokeratins and desmosomial proteins. Protectami® improves cell communication between keratinocytes.

Actively & Naturally Protects from Pollution

Protectami®’s anti-pollution action is highlighted by an increase of the calcium-depending proteins of epidermis improving the skin resistance under pollutants.
For a soothed skin, Protectami® also reduces skin irritations due to pollution thanks to an anti-inflammatory action.

Targeting the Cause of Premature Aging

Protectami® stimulates the synthesis of calcium-depending cells structures of the epidermis responsible for the strength of skin barrier. It restores cell communication and improves skin elasticity through the dual action of increasing synthesis of elastin protein and LOXL1 enzyme of elastin maturation and by decreasing enzymatic degradation activity of elastase and other proteases.

Beyond its capacity to offer protective skin action, Protectami® may also be used in cosmetic products to provide perfect regenerating and remineralizing benefits.

Protectami® is an ideal active ingredient for a more supple and elastic skin.

About Alban Muller International

Alban Muller International develops and manufactures plant extracts and skincare products, mastering every stages of the process, from the plants used for the extracts. It offers both off-the shelf products and services, including development, tests, manufacturing and packaging. With more 35 years of research, Alban Muller International produces natural products from tested High-Tech actives to natural sensory skincare products, going through titrated concentrated actives and natural alternatives to synthetic ingredients.
Source: Alban Muller International
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