Chemyunion’s Natural Antioxidant ECOFFEA® Offers Fast Skin Rejuvenation

SpecialChem - November 14th, 2017
Chemyunion has developed Ecoffea® offering antioxidant properties, to improve skin micro-surface, protecting mitochondrial function and promoting corneocyte regeneration, being an effective active ingredient for the anti-aging products formulation.

Natural Extract for Anti-aging

Mitochondrial function is gradually reduced in view of chronological aging or photo-aging, and this concept has been supporting the basic theory of aging for years.
As a result of reduced cell activity, corneocytes (cells composing the horny layer) change in size, with a 20 to 40% increase in diameter, causing an increasingly aged appearance, which is clearly noticeable over the years.

Ecoffea® is an organic green coffee cake glycerinated extract (Coffea arabica) with mitochondrial protection properties, reducing residue release and providing the green coffee benefits to the skin, which have already been scientifically confirmed, with excellent anti-aging properties.

Benefits of Ecoffea®

  • Up to 13-year rejuvenation and improved skin surface in only 15 days; 
  • Cell energy stimulation, which is key to a healthy skin metabolism; 
  • Antioxidant mitochondrial protection, contributing to cell viability. 


Ecoffea® increased 3 times the activity of the enzyme aconitase, indicating that mitochondrial function, which is gradually lost with age, can be restored by the active ingredient, stimulating cell renewal and thus minimizing the skin aging process. With greater efficacy in mature skin, Ecoffea® restored the phenotype of corneocytes in approximately 13 years, and is a vegetable active ingredient that can be used in creams, gels or serums.

About Chemyunion

Chemyunion is globally recognized for the creation, development and manufacturing of innovative active ingredients, basic and functional excipients, classical and alternative preservatives for health and personal care. Its expertise involves understanding consumers’ desire for beauty and wellness, identifying trends and developing unique products through its capabilities in R&D.
Source: Chemyunion
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