Ashland Launches Sustainably-sourced Skin Care Active Serenityl

SpecialChem - October 16th, 2017
Ashland has introduced a unique detoxination ingredient for skin care that is extracted from condurango, a vine sustainably sourced in Colombia.

Detoxination Active for Skin

Traditionally used in herbal medicine and nutraceuticals worldwide for its detoxifying properties, condurango vine is also used by large condor eagles as anti-venom against snake bites.

Global marketing manager, Ashland, Anne Clay said:

“Serenityl™ is an effective solution that addresses the growing consumer demand to protect skin against exposure to environmental stress factors such as pollution, while consumers are simultaneously seeking lifestyle improvements with healthier diet, improved fitness and a focus on mental wellness.”

Serenityl was developed by Ashland to help the skin achieve a healthier look and feel through an innovative approach to skin detoxination. The company previously won the Gold Award for Best New Functional Ingredient with Fiberhance™ bm solution at in-cos, London, in April.

Multiple Potential Applications

In addition to skin detoxination and oxygenation, potential applications for Serenityl include:

  • Beauty oils
  • Day and night care products
  • Facial care formulations to improve skin comfort, wellness and radiance
  • Professional beauty salons and spas
  • Facial care products for men
  • Natural cosmetics

Global Director new technologies and business development, Ashland, Dr. Isabelle Imbert explained:

“Skin detoxination refers to the capacity of the skin to sense environmental toxins and eliminate internal toxins. Recent studies have revealed the presence of taste receptors in the skin that primarily function to sense toxins in the environment and trigger the skin’s barrier function and immune defence, thus preventing toxins from reaching living cells.”

Source: Ashland
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