PPG Launches Bio-based Wall Paint Having Air Purification Effect

SpecialChem - October 10th, 2017
PPG launches a new bio-based wall paint for the professional – and consumer market; Sigma Air Pure™. The new paint is based on DSM’s revolutionary Decovery® bio-based technology.

  • Sigma Air Pure is a bio-based wall paint with an air purification effect. 
  • The paint enhances the indoor air climate of homes, offices and 
  • schools by removing up to 70% of the harmful formaldehyde from the indoor air. 
  • The paint filters the formaldehyde molecules out of the indoor air and neutralizes them.

Tailormade Collaboration

The resin is one of the key components that determine the characteristics of a paint. By using the Decovery resin technology platform DSM and PPG developed a resin which met the specific needs that PPG had envisioned for Sigma Air Pure.

Decovery Bio-based Resin Technology

With the Decovery bio-based resin technology platform, DSM enables paint manufacturers to develop high performance sustainable paints. By using a variety of renewable ingredients, DSM can tailor each solution to specific customer and market needs. With Sigma Air Pure paint, the professional - and consumer market embraces renewable bio-based resins for indoor paints.

Renewable Resources

The Decovery resins are made from renewable resources such as sugars, natural oils, and starch from corn and agricultural waste.

These natural materials replace for a large part the fossil ingredients that traditionally constitute the binder resin of both solventborne and waterborne paints.

DSM’s Decovery platform offers sustainable alternatives for conventional paint resins without compromising on quality and performance. In addition, since Decovery resins are low in VOCs and use innocuous ingredients, paint made with such resins provide a safer and healthier environment.

Source: PPG
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