NATRUE Reveals Ways to Identify Certified Real Natural & Organic Products

SpecialChem - September 25th, 2017
NATRUE has introduced new communication tools designed to help consumers defend themselves from the ever-growing phenomenon during SANA 2017. The new video in Italian explains in a simple and modern way how to recognize true natural and organic certified products.

Identifying True Natural Cosmetics

In addition, the video points out the importance for NATRUE to be present and active in Brussels, the center of decision-making processes, in order to protect true natural and organic cosmetics.

Inside the exhibition area visitors were able to leave their posts on a blackboard and under the hashtag #labelyoucantrust they could comment live on social networks on their experience at the stand of the Association.

NATRUE Label and Communication Manager, Francesca Morgante said:

"Consumers like Emma, the protagonist of our video, want the products they buy to be natural and organic but they know that some may not really be; therefore, the NATRUE label offers a guarantee of naturalness in a clear and transparent way."

The NATRUE standard, chosen from more than 5,000 products, 230 brands in 30 countries, is a guarantee label that was established to offer consumers the chance to choose true natural and organic beauty products.

Certifications for Natural Cosmetics

The standard sets three certification levels:

  • Natural Cosmetics, 
  • Natural Cosmetics with Organic Components (at least 70% organic) 
  • Organic Cosmetics (95% or more organic)

In addition, the certification process is carried out by third party and independent organizations that verify product compliance to the standard.

In the area shared with its members Weleda and Naturativ who presented their product novelties, NATRUE has thus made a point on the trend of certified natural and organic cosmetics in the year of its tenth anniversary that was celebrated on Sunday 10th September at the stand with all its companies and partners. In fact, Sana has been chosen as the last Italian stage of the "10th Anniversary on Tour" which sees the association engaged until December in promotional activities in all major industry events.

Director General of NATRUE, Dr. Mark Smith concluded:

"From Sana until the end of the year, NATRUE will be committed to responding to a number of challenges that are first of all linked to the new ISO 16128 guideline, of which the second part related to the criteria for natural cosmetics is expected to be published in the fall. This guideline, unlike the private standards, even allows the use of GMOs and synthetic ingredients, thus not only endangering consumers' confidence in natural and organic products but also affecting the important achievements of the sector."

Source: NATRUE
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