Silab Provides Additional Efficacy Data for Natural Depigmenting Active

SpecialChem - September 1st, 2017
Silab has provided the additional efficacy data of WHITONYL®, a natural depigmenting active ingredient, which attenuates pigment spots and gives back to the skin its uniformity and lightness, thanks to a double action on the melanogenesis and its environment.

SILAB developed WHITONYL® with a focus on the major participant of melanogenesis, the melanocyte, by studying tyrosinase activity, the transport of melanosomes and SCF (StemCell Factor) signaling.

Control the Melanogenesis and Its Environment

Thanks to innovative approaches, SILAB has presented additional efficacy data by investigating the impact of the environment on melanogenesis and the capacity of WHITONYL® to regulate two pathways not studied before:

The development of a new skill set devoted to exosomes has enabled SILAB to be one of the first to identify this mechanism of intercellular communication and its effects on photo-induced pigmentation. WHITONYL® effectively combats the signs of cutaneous photo-aging by modulating the different mechanisms regulating melanogenesis.

Enhance Complexion Radiance

The lightening and depigmenting activity of WHITONYL® is tested on the skin of Caucasian and Asian volunteers. After 56 days of twice daily application and compared to the placebo, WHITONYL® formulated at 4% lightens senescence spots by:

  • significantly increasing parameters L* (clarity of the skin) and ITA° (degree of pigmentation);
  • reducing parameter b* yellow melanin pigmentation).

With WHITONYL®, the skin is uniform and lightened, the complexion brightens and brown spots are attenuated.

WHITONYL® is a natural active ingredient, rich in xylans and galactans, obtained from the red alga Palmaria palmata (INCI name: Water & Palmaria palmata Extract).

The supply of this marine species is guaranteed with a low impact on the environment. On the one hand, it is due to its geographical proximity (primarily it can be found on the Atlantic coast, the English Channel and the North Sea) and, on the other, to its adaptability (Palmaria palmata attaches to rocks by means of a disk that facilitates regrowth after harvest).

Obtained from a non-denaturing manufacturing process, WHITONYL® is a patented active ingredient available in aqueous solution (recommended amount: 1 to 4%) and in preservative-free powder (recommended amount: 0.1 to 1%), compliant with global cosmetic regulations (Europe, United States, Japan, China).

Source: Silab
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