Aethic Gets License for Use of Natural Seaweed Active Photamin® in Cosmetic Formulations

SpecialChem - August 23rd, 2017
Skincare company Aethic has been granted an exclusive worldwide license by King’s College London for the use of their novel formulations containing a naturally occurring compound found in seaweed which protects skin from the sun’s most harmful UV rays.

Skin Protection from Sunlight

The active ingredient, to be known by the registered trade mark Photamin®, is part of the MAA (mycosporine-like amino acids) family. The compound was demonstrated by scientists at King’s College London to have the ability to protect skin by absorbing the most harmful UVA and UVB rays and rendering them less damaging.

Natural Antioxidant

Unusually, the compound also acts as an Antioxidants in its own right which further helps to diminish harm from sunlight. Photamin® is the first unadulterated naturally occurring single molecule to offer three mechanisms of photo-protection.

Professor Paul Long of King’s College London said:

“This compound has unique characteristics never seen before in a single naturally occurring substance. What it does to protect marine organisms from the sun’s rays is now applied to skin and we believe that it does everything that a good sun filter needs to do all by itself. UV-induced skin damage (premature ageing) and skin cancer are rising and we believe this compound can contribute considerably to mitigating it in the future.”

Aethic intends to launch its first product containing the compound by Q4 of 2018 and its CEO Allard Marx added:

“Substantial scientific developments such as Photamin® which are good for people and sustainable for our planet are the future. We are very proud and excited to have secured these rights and look forward to our customers protecting their skin with a single active ingredient.”

Source: Aethic
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