Genomatica Introduces Bio-based Process Technology for Personal Care

SpecialChem - August 15th, 2017
Genomatica has announced its latest innovation, the GENO BG™ process, a new bio-based process technology to make a naturally sourced 1,3 -butylene glycol. The GENO BG process has already produced bio-based butylene glycol for sampling and Genomatica has transferred the process to 85,000 liter production fermenters.

Naturally Sourced Alternative

Butylene Glycol, a four-carbon alcohol, is used globally in cosmetics to improve moisture retention and as a carrier for plant extracts. Conventional approaches to make butylene glycol start with fossil fuel-derived acetaldehyde, which is a toxin, an irritant, and a carcinogen.

By contrast, Genomatica’s biobased butylene glycol is made via fermentation, starting from natural, sustainable plant-based ingredients . This approach has the potential for high appeal in personal care products.

Additionally, Genomatica has leveraged the power and selectivity of biology to create a process that produces a distinctively pure product as compared to fossil fuel-derived, chemistry-based processes. Product purity and performance, plus a simpler process design that is readily deployed at large scale, also have the potential for additional market applications in everyday wellness process.

Recognized for Innovation by Chemical Industry

GENO BG’s innovation was met with immediate recognition by a panel of industry experts. ICIS, the world’s one of the largest petrochemical market information provider, has announced that Genomatica was named as a finalist for the 2017 ICIS Innovation Awards. These awards recognize innovation in products and processes with better use of energy and raw materials, improved economics, safer performance, and lower environmental impact. Winners will be announced in October.

The GENO BG process, developed in stealth, has advanced even faster than Genomatica’s award-winning commercial GENO BDO™ process, which recently highlighted milestones for rapidly meeting plant performance guarantees and total worldwide production.

Genmatica’s CEO, Christophe Schilling said:

“The GENO BG process marks our entry into specialty chemicals, complementing our leadership in intermediates. GENO BG is another example of how quickly we can commercialize our bioengineering innovations and enable products with better performance and greater sustainability.”

Source: Genmatica
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