Braskem Partners with União Plásticos for Green Plastic Packaging

SpecialChem - August 2nd, 2017
Braskem and União Plásticos have partnered with the Cooperative of Family Farmers of the Poço Fundo Region (COOPFAM), in Minas Gerais, for the supply of the I'm GreenT Green Plastic. The polyethylene from sugarcane, a 100% renewable raw material, will be used in the production of organic coffees packaging.

Traditional Green Packaging

Each year the cooperative distributes four metric tons of these grains, and União Plásticos is responsible for the development and production of these packages. Initially, COOPFAM will be using Braskem's renewable resin in the production of traditional packaging, known as almofadas ("cushions").

The cooperative is a reference in organic, solidary and agroecological agriculture, benefiting more than 400 families of small coffee farmers from the municipalities in southern Minas Gerais.

Responsible for the COOPFAM industry, Edivânia de Fátima Fernandes said:

"This will be the first organic coffee packaging to invest in the use of Green Polyethylene in the Brazilian market, which shows our commitment to sustainability. It is another great achievement not only for the cooperative, but also for the final consumer. Our expectation is to take this product to all our packaging."

Technology in Favor of Sustainability

A result of the combination of innovation, technology, and sustainability, the Green Plastic captures 3.09 metric tons of CO2 for each metric ton of resin of renewable origin produced, according to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) carried out by the consulting firm ACV Brasil, with technical review by a panel composed of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research GmbH (IFEU) and Michigan State University.

Director of Renewable Chemicals at Braskem, Gustavo Sergi added:

"Green Polyethylene meets the needs of companies for innovative and more sustainable solutions, such as COOPFAM and the Federal Government. That is why the adoption of the biopolymer has grown worldwide and in products from different sectors. It is currently used in 150 brands in Europe, United States, Asia, Africa, and South America."

About União Plásticos

Since 1995, they have manufactured flexible plastic packages with high quality standards for the most diverse segments of industry and trade. Serving customers in several regions of Brazil, industrial production follows strict processes, such as the choice of raw materials from the best suppliers in the market, guidance and advisory services to customers on the suitability of the packaging for each application and optimization of the packaging process.

About Braskem

Braskem is one of the largest manufacturers of thermoplastic resins in the Americas, with an annual output of over 20 million metric tons, including the production of other basic chemical and petrochemical products, with an annual revenue of R$55 billion. With the aim of improving the lives of people, creating sustainable solutions in chemistry and plastics, Braskem exports to customers in approximately 100 countries, with roughly 8,000 members, and operates 41 industrial units located in Brazil, the United States, Germany, and Mexico - the latter in partnership with the Mexico-based company Idesa.

About the Green Plastic

The I'm GreenT Green Polyethylene is made from ethylene obtained from sugarcane. Its great differentiator is its contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, as it captures carbon dioxide during its production process. It also has the same characteristics of traditional polyethylene, that is, it does not require machinery adaptations and is 100% recyclable. Braskem's Green Plastic plant has a production capacity of 200,000 metric tons per year.
Source: Braskem
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