DEINOVE Appoints Sébastien Enault as Development Director for its Bio-based Business

SpecialChem - July 28th, 2017
DEINOVE has announced that Sébastien Enault has joined the Executive Committee as Business Development Director.

Business Development & Management

Sébastien Enault, Engineer in Pharmacology and Biotechnologies, has structured and managed the Business Development of MedinCell, a biopharmaceutical company specializing in long-acting drug delivery. In ten years, he has contributed to the rapid growth of the company, including the signing of partnerships and agreements with major pharmaceutical companies.

Recently, he was in charge of the Business Development of Eligo Bioscience, a start-up hosted at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, which develops a new generation of ultra-targeted antibiotics.

Expansion & Promotion of Business

Prior to his experience in the private sector, Sébastien conducted research in pharmacology in the fields of infectious diseases, oncology and neurology at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Marseille, then at Cancer Research UK, and at Harvard Medical School.

CEO of DEINOVE, Emmanuel Petiot said:

"We are pleased to welcome Sébastien to expand and promote our portfolio of programs and products in the healthcare and cosmetics markets, two major areas for the Company and in which his experience will be very useful. He will also contribute to the launch, planned next year, of our first cosmetic ingredients."

Sébastien Enault added:

"DEINOVE's approach is disruptive, both from the standpoint of the biodiversity of its bank of strains and its integrated technological platform. It offers significant potential for the discovery of new molecules to build a portfolio of products likely to attract pharmaceutical companies."


Deinove is a cleantech company that designs, develops and markets a new generation of industrial processes based on ancestral bacteria with untapped potential: the Deinococci. DEINOVE designs and develops production processes based on these "deinotechnologies." Efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, these new processes open the way for manufacturing of high-value compounds.
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