Ecovia Renewables Wins Imagine Chemistry Challenge Award for its Bio-based Solutions

SpecialChem - July 14th, 2017
Ecovia Renewables, Inc. has been selected as a grand prize winner at the 2017 Imagine Chemistry Challenge finals for its submission "BioGel™ polyglutamic acid: a sustainable alternative to polyacrylates."

Sustainable Formulations

The first Imagine Chemistry event, hosted by AkzoNobel and KPMG, invited start-ups and academics to find solutions to some of the top chemistry-related challenges the industry is facing today. One of 20 finalists, Ecovia's EcoSynth™ fermentation-based platform utilizes microbial communities to produce high value, based materials.

Polyglutamic Acid

Ecovia's lead product line centers around polyglutamic acid (PGA) chemistry. Termed BioGel™, formulations of PGA can be used for many applications, including formulation ingredients for personal care products, soil amendments for water retention, and super-absorbents in cores for infant diapers.

President and Founder Dr. Jeremy Minty said:

"AkzoNobel clearly recognizes the needs and market opportunities for sustainability and green chemistry, and is poised to become a global leader in this area. We at Ecovia are honored and delighted to have been selected as a finalist and grand prize winner in the Imagine Chemistry competition."

Source: Ecovia Renewables
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