Lipotec Introduces Botanical Extract for Firm Skin & Naturally-sourced Physical Exfoliants

SpecialChem - April 12th, 2017
BARCELONA -- Lipotec has launched a new botanical extract for a glamorous décolleté which gives a firming effect to the skin and ACTISCRUB™ physical exfoliants, a wide variety of natural-sourced scrubs that help remove dead cells and impurities from the surface of the skin to let the inner beauty arise.

ACTIFCOL™ - Advanced Botanical Ingredient

Shiitake is an endemic mushroom from Eastern Asia believed to offer potential antioxidant and anti-aging effects, being even acknowledged as an elixir of life.

A young skin is mostly characterized by a proper firmness, elasticity and resilience, which are mainly provided by the two key extracellular matrix proteins, elastin and collagen.

Firming Effect to Skin

  • With this in mind, Lipotec has developed ACTIFCOL™ advanced botanical ingredient-a shiitake mushroom-based extract that can boost type I collagen synthesis and enhance PLOD1 levels, which contribute to improving the quality of the protein. In addition, it helps prevent carbamylation process, responsible for the deterioration of collagen. As a result, a firming effect on the skin can be expected as observed in various studies.
  • To highlight a few, invitro, the botanical ingredient showed to reduce the carbamylation-induced deterioration process by 75.9% versus control and to increase the synthesis of type I collagen by 36,6%, suggesting an improved quality of the protein. 
  • Ex vivo, ACTIFCOL™ advanced botanical ingredient supported the proper structure, arrangement and organization of collagen microfibrils after carbamylation.
  • A clinical test was performed on 41 -55 years old female volunteers with skin flaccidity that applied a cream with 2% ingredient on the neck, décolleté and half face and a placebo cream on the other half, twice a day for 56 days. 
  • Statistically significant results were observed at the end of the study with 14.4% firmness improvement of décolleté, 13.5% of the face and 10.1% of the neck.

ACTIFCOL™ advanced botanical ingredient can provide a complete care of the collagen in order to obtain a proper protein functionality assisting in a firmer appearance of mature skin. It can be incorporated into formulations aiming to provide a tensing care and rejuvenated effect for the face, neck and décolleté.

ACTISCRUB™ - Physical Exfoliant

Following its commitment to nature, Lipotec has developed ACTISCRUB™ physical exfoliants, a wide variety of natural- sourced scrubs that help remove dead cells and impurities from the surface of the skin to let the inner beauty arise. The range is launched with the following first six references:

ACTISCRUB™ Chardonnay Seed

Important component of many sparkling wines, Chardonnay is one of the oldest cultivars of grape in the world. The semi-rounded structure of ACTISCRUB™ chardonnay seed is not aggressive for the skin and provides a tender exfoliation for face and body.

Glamorous seeds for an extremely gentle exfoliation with a pleasant massage feel.

ACTISCRUB™ Cranberry Seed

Its many natural attributes led cranberries to be known as the “wonderberry”.

ACTISCRUB™ cranberry seed offers a soft touch with comfortable massage to remove the dead cells at the surface of both the face and the body. Visually eye catching red seeds allow for creating innovative formulations and playing with textures.

A wonderberry to care for sensitive skin through a mild peeling.

ACTISCRUB™ Coconut Shell

The Sanskrit name of coconut means “the tree which provides all the necessities of life”. Possessing interesting abrasive properties, ACTISCRUB™ coconut shell offers a low to medium friction leading to a moderate exfoliation for face and body.

The jewel of the tropics to clean and unblock pores.

ACTISCRUB™ Walnut Shell

Coming from the ancient Persia, where they were reserved for the royalty, walnuts are the oldest tree food known to man. ACTISCRUB™ walnut shell has good abrasive properties and striking visual effect, providing a mild exfoliation for face and body.

Smooth aristocratic skin thanks to the royal nut.

ACTISCRUB™ Apple Fiber

One of the oldest cultivated fruits, apples are referred to as symbols of love and beauty by the Greek and Roman mythology. The size and shape of ACTISCRUB™ apple fiber particles offers a moderate exfoliation for face and body.

Beyond its countless health benefits, leads to flawless and fresh skin.


Used as an important material since the ancient times, cork is one of the most extraordinary products from nature. Recyclable and reusable, it is also able to absorb considerable amounts of CO2, contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions known as the main cause of climate change. ACTISCRUB™ cork has a moderate to high friction and provides a strong exfoliation for body, hands and feet.

The only bark that regenerates to help promote skin renewal.

Natural scrub ingredients from renewable and biodegradable sources, ACTISCRUB™ physical exfoliants are the environment-friendly alternative to synthetic scrubs with a great potential to inspire cosmetics brands to create their own, unique identit

About Lipotec

Founded in 1987 and based in Barcelona, Lipotec researches, develops and manufactures cosmetic active ingredients. Since July 2012 is part of The Lubrizol Corp. The thorough updating of the company’s know-how platforms, Molecular Cosmetics and Delivery Systems, and the heavy investment in advanced technologies allow Lipotec to be one of the outstanding global suppliers of cosmetic active ingredients. Lipotec has a strong presence through a well-connected network of distributors worldwide and subsidiaries in France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Australia and USA.
Source: Lipotec
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