Meridian Waste Solutions & Advanced Lignin Form JV to Produce Lignin-based Plastics

SpecialChem - April 10th, 2017
MILTON, GA -- Meridian Waste Solutions has announced the signing of a non-binding term sheet with Advanced Lignin Biocomposites LLC ("Advanced Lignin").

Advanced Lignin's Biomaterials Technology

  • Under the terms of the agreement, a joint venture would be formed between Meridian Waste, Meridian Innovations and Advanced Lignin to develop Advanced Lignin's biomaterials technology portfolio.
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  • Lignin-based plastics
  • Advanced Lignin recognizes that while most consumers desire to purchase environmentally friendly products and plastics in particular, they have trouble justifying the high cost and the often substandard performance delivered by these products. 

Advanced Lignin believes it has a viable pathway to produce low cost, high performance materials from lignin, an otherwise undervalued byproduct of the pulp and paper and cellulosic biorefining industries. Lignin is one of the most abundant organic polymers on Earth and is readily available for recovery. Advanced Lignin trusts that it can recover and convert lignin into higher value and better performing materials more cost effectively than those methods previously available.

High Performance Green Plastics

  • While Advanced Lignin plans to use its advanced methods for:
  • Cost effective methods to produce many different materials, including adhesives, renewable fuels and carbon fiber
  • Producing high performance green plastics
  • Lignin-based plastics that could ideally prove to cost less and outperform many plastics made from nonrenewable resources, such as petroleum

While paper mills and cellulosic fuel providers generally burn the lignin contained in their byproduct stream as a source of green, plant based energy, there is a greener, and more valuable use for that lignin. As a rule of thumb, it takes about two pounds of petroleum to produce only one pound of plastic, whereas Advanced Lignin believes that it can displace about one pound of this petroleum derived plastic with only about one pound of lignin and as a result, dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of plastic products.

Plants take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and essentially strip out and store carbon in the plant and release oxygen back to the atmosphere. Plants are therefore referred to as a 'carbon sink,' as they remove and store a significant amount of carbon from the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the most widely known greenhouse gas in the Earth's atmosphere, and environmentalists continue to seek pathways to reduce the amount generated, especially from that of nonrenewable sources.

Recycling and Reusing

While there is an estimated 239 billion tons of crude oil underneath the Earth's surface, diminishing at a rate of about 4.5 billion tons per year, there lies about 250 billion tons of rapidly renewable lignin sitting on the Earth's surface awaiting harvest, use and reuse. Advanced Lignin believes that its technologies will greatly contribute to positive economic and environmental success by more effectively recycling and reusing this naturally regenerating source of carbon.

"The solid waste industry has a responsibility to identify and maximize economic benefit from the materials it collects for processing and/or disposal," stated Jeff Cosman, CEO of Meridian Waste. "The plastic recycling platform has been our industry's staple in its effort to contribute to environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. While Meridian Waste will continue to support these traditional recycling efforts, we believe that there are additional pathways that can achieve significantly greater results in terms of sustainability and economic benefit. Our new joint venture will explore one such pathway as it essentially participates and contributes to nature's most efficient and ongoing carbon capture and recycling activities. We look forward to what lies ahead for our company and shareholders and will continue to announce our progress on an ongoing basis."

About Meridian Waste Solutions

Meridian Waste Solutions is a company defined by our commitment to servicing our customers with unwavering respect, fairness and care. It is focused on finding and implementing solutions to solid waste needs and challenges within the industry and for customers. Meridian Waste's core business is centered on residential and commercial waste collection and disposal but it also includes a fundamental objective to seek rewarding environmental solutions through innovation. Currently, the company operates in St. Louis, Missouri and Richmond, Virginia servicing over 140,500 residential, commercial, industrial and governmental customers. In addition to a fleet of commercial, residential and roll off trucks, the Company operates four transfer stations, one recycling facility and three municipal solid waste landfills.
Source: Meridian Waste Solutions
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