SEPPIC Launches SUBLIGANA™ - Natural Active for Flawless-looking Skin

SpecialChem - April 6th, 2017
SEPPIC has launched SUBLIGANA™, an active ingredient for anti-imperfection, anti-spot & flawless-looking complexion concepts related to oxidative stress, designed by Serdex a subsidiary of SEPPIC since January 2017.

Natural Active for Skin Protection

Acne is affecting about 80% of persons at some point in their lives. New studies have shown that an increased cutaneous and systemic oxidative stress is involved.


SUBLIGANA™ is a titrated extract of Harungana madagascariensis originated from the center and east of Madagascar. By forming a physical and a repulsive barrier, Harungana madagascariensis protects primary forest areas from attacks and is capable of restoring degraded landscapes. It is considered by botanists as a “forest Guard”. Traditionally, leaf decoctions are used against asthma and skin disorders and leaf juice is used for wound healing.

COSMOS-compliant Antioxidant

SUBLIGANA™ addresses blemished skins and acne-prone skins. An in-use test on teenagers presenting acne-prone skin showed a significant whiteheads reduction versus placebo after 28 days.

SUBLIGANA™ mechanism of action combines soothing effect (lipase inhibition, IL-10 and IL-12 regulation), antioxidant effect (protection against lipid peroxidation) and efficacy against Propionibacterium acnes.

  • Harungana madagascariensis leaves are collected under good collecting practices in the high plateaus area in Madagascar to ensure a repeatable and reliable phytochemical composition. 
  • Serdex has implemented a sustainable and ethical supply chain committed to the fair and equitable sharing of benefits under Nagoya Protocol.
  • SUBLIGANA™ is China compliant (IECIC listed) and Cosmos compliant.

Virginie Anchartéchahar, R&D Manager for Serdex confirmed:

“On the basis of scientific results, we have developed an original mechanism of action focusing on soothing and anti-oxidant effect to address acne-prone skins.”


SEPPIC, designer of specialty ingredients, innovates by inspiring its customers through its “Mood Paint” texture bar and invites you to rediscover its palette of ingredients to create new masterpieces.

Seppic is a subsidiary of the Air Liquide group within the Healthcare activity, Seppic designs and supplies a wide range of specialty ingredients for health and beauty care. Present in over 100 countries through its affiliates and network of distributors, Seppic employs 660 people around the world, including 100 employees dedicated to innovation.
Source: SEPPIC
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