DEINOVE Partners with GREENTECH for Commercialization of Cosmetic Actives

SpecialChem - March 30th, 2017
MONTPELLIER -- DEINOVE has announced the start of collaboration with GREENTECH, one of the major players in the production and distribution of biotechnologically obtained ingredients. The objective is to develop and market innovative cosmetic ingredients.

Extremophile Bacteria for Cosmetic Actives

GREENTECH has chosen DEINOVE to develop new active substances from its panel of extremophile bacteria. DEINOVE had already screened its strains to identify activities sought after in the cosmetics industry. The GREENTECH and DEINOVE R&D teams will continue testing and working on the production, purification, and formulation of several compounds with the goal of bringing a first ingredient to market by the end of 2018.

Production & Formulation of Cosmetics

Jean-Yves Berthon, CEO of GREENTECH, said:

"In our developments we aim to leverage the extraordinary ability of microorganisms to build mechanisms of adaptation and resistance in extreme environments: hot, cold, hypersaline, radioactive, acid, basic, etc. DEINOVE's bacteria are unique and can bring real added value to our portfolio of ingredients intended to protect and beautify the skin.”

Emmanuel PETIOT, CEO of DEINOVE, added:

"This co-development is a new way of making the most of our strain bank and our platform. While cosmetics market is full of opportunities for DEINOVE, we can rely on GREENTECH who has expertise in this field and in its regulatory issues, and has a technical sales team that will be invaluable assets for the success of this project.”


Deinove is a cleantech company that designs, develops and markets a new generation of industrial processes based on ancestral bacteria with untapped potential: the Deinococci. DEINOVE designs and develops production processes based on these "deinotechnologies." Efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, these new processes open the way for manufacturing of high-value compounds.


GREENTECH develops and produces high-tech active ingredients originating from the plant, marine and microbial world, exploiting the most innovative biotechnologies to transform natural ingredients into active ingredients. Founded 25 years ago, and with subsidiaries in Germany, the US and Brazil, GREENTECH now sells a hundred active ingredients derived from biodiversity to cosmetics manufacturers in over 30 countries.
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