OLVEA Burkina Faso Introduces ECOCERT-certified Organic Shea Butter & Sesame Seed Oil

SpecialChem - March 13th, 2017
OLVEA Burkina Faso has inaugurated its new eco-friendly production unit last year. This green plant allows OLVEA to increase its production capacity and to develop new supply chains.

OLVEA Vegetable Oils has launched two new products:

  • Organic and fair-trade Shea butter 
  • Organic Sesame seed oil

Sustainable Approach

Since its creation, OLVEA Burkina Faso has decided to develop sustainable supply chains. This approach relies on transparent and long-term relationships with producer organizations enabling, among other things, the improvement and optimal control of the raw materials supply chain.

These supply chains are based on collaboration with the producer organizations and on protocols framing a sustainable supply chain approach.

Organic Fair-trade Shea Butter

With its sustainable commitment to the producer organizations, OLVEA Burkina Faso has developed a new supply chain of organic and fair-trade Shea butter, certified by ECOCERT according to the ESR standard and Fair for Life standard of IMO.

This product, coming from a fair-trade and a sustainable supply chain, respects the following criteria:

  • Partnership with producers
  • Respect of the environment
  • Societal responsibility within the supply chains 
  • Business relationships ethics and transparency

Thanks to its soothing and moisturizing properties, Shea butter is used in a wide range of skin and hair care as well as make-up. With its high insaponifiable matter, it has a restructuring action on the epidermis.

Organic Sesame Seed Oil

OLVEA Burkina Faso has also developed a supply chain of organic Sesame seed oil, which relies on one hand on producer organizations specialized in Sesame, and on the other hand, on OLVEA’s own local network of women producers.

Specialized in Shea nuts production until now, they have been specially trained to the Sesame harvest. This new activity allows them to diversify and increase their income since Shea and Sesame are complementary crops, following each another in the year.

As a continuation of OLVEA's sustainable approach, this new supply chain is based on collaboration with the producer organizations:

  • Sustainable commercialization
  • Transparent and higher-than-the-market remuneration
  • Producers’ training and awareness to good agricultural practices
  • Complete traceability

Sesame seed oil is used since the antiquity for its cosmetic and culinary properties. Thanks to its hydrating, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties, it leaves the skin moisturized and younger.

OLVEA at in-cosmetics Global

This year again, OLVEA Vegetable Oils will take part in the in-cosmetics show, which will be held in London April 4-6. OLVEA will display, on its stand #PP20, its wide range of vegetable oils and specialty ingredients for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. OLVEA’s organic and fair-trade Shea butter will also be showcased in its own Innovation box during the show.

With its strong commitments, OLVEA and its production units have been certified as Responsible Operators by Ecocert, according to the ESR (Fairness, Solidarity and Responsibility) standards, which guarantees a company's best practices and its commitment to a sustainable supply. OLVEA Burkina Faso is also a member of the UEBT (Union for the Ethical BioTrade) and of the Global Shea Alliance.

About OLVEA Vegetable Oils

OLVEA Vegetable Oils is a subsidiary of the family-owned OLVEA Group, one of the leading suppliers of vegetable and fish oils. Established in Normandy since 1929, it now employs over 160 people worldwide with annual sales of more than 100 million Euros.
Source: OLVEA Vegetable Oils
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