Development of biobased surfactants and biocides from wood biomass extracts

03 March 2014 | Pascal XANTHOPOULOS

The French innovation clusters FIBRES and XYLOFUTUR are elaborating 2 distinct R&D collaborative feasibility projects for the development of biobased surfactants and biocides from active molecules extracted from wood biomass. The consortia of partners are composed of several companies of the wood industry, market leaders of the cosmetics and detergence industry, and academic R&D partners. We are still looking for a producer of surfactants and a producer of biocides interested in joining our initiatives and guiding our developments. Various fundings options (National, European) are considered.

Pascal XANTHOPOULOS | Managing Director At PolyBridge Sàrl (France)


Industries involved in: Chemicals production

Product families: Biocides / fungicides / preservatives

Looking for:


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