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Valentina Caba

R&D - Product / Application Development home (Italy)

Valeria Terehina

R&D - Product / Application Development Westfaelische Hochschule (Germany)

Valerie Baumgartel

Quality Technician
Quality Raining Rose (United States)

Valle Vaappuukko

Production / Manufacturing eikuulusulle (Bahamas)

Vanessa Hart

Sr SEO Executive
Marketing / Communications Market Release (United States)

Vanessa Martin

Research Analyst
Sales Intense Research (United States)

Vanita Jadhav

Research Anlayst
R&D - Fundamental Research Million Insights (India)

Venkata Sudhakar Edupuganti

Management / Corporate Sudha Agro oil and chemical industries limited (India)

Veronica Kim

SEo Executive
Marketing / Communications Orbis Research (United States)

Veronica Savio

Marketing / Communications Persistence Market Research Pvt. Ltd (United States)

Victor Walsh

Research Analyst
Sales Intense Research (United States)

Vijay Gangan

R & D Manager
R&D - Fundamental Research Mazda colours ltd. (India)

Vilanova Concepción

Lab technician
R&D - Product / Application Development Repol (Spain)

Vincenzo Vizzini

Direttore tecnico di produzione
Production / Manufacturing Holiday Depilatori Ltd (Italy)

Vinita Desai

Seo Analyst
R&D - Fundamental Research Planet Market Reports (India)

Volker Schehlmann

Management / Corporate VS Innovation (Germany)

Waheed Khan

Application/Development Chemist
R&D - Product / Application Development UNIVAR EMEA (United Arab Emirates)

Walter Waldman

R&D - Fundamental Research UFSCar (Brazil)

William Doanlds

Research Analyst
Production / Manufacturing Hexa Reports (United States)

William Miller

SEO Executive
Marketing / Communications Orbis Research (United States)

William Ross

Founder and CTO
Management / Corporate Ross Organic (United States)

William Ewbank

Head od R&D
R&D - Product / Application Development Ajinomoto Omnichem (Belgium)

Wim Defour

Maintenance Manager
R&D - Tech Support Rentec (Belgium)

Wojciech Karwowski

Management / Corporate Independent Beauticians and Cosmetologists Association (Poland)

Yael Steinberg

R&D - Fundamental Research EPEA (Germany)
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