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Alka Patel

Business Devlopment Manager
Marketing / Communications Global QYResearch (United Kingdom)

Allan Leonetti

Marketing / Communications Zion Market Research (United States)

Allan Juul Nielsen

R&D - Product / Application Development Flügger A/S (Denmark)

Allen David

Business Analyst
Production / Manufacturing Deep Research Reports (India)

Allen Ray

Marketing / Communications Gosreports (China)

Allen Smith

Digital Marketing Specialist
R&D - Fundamental Research Researchbeam (United States)

Allen Winner

Marketing / Communications ezTalks (China)

Alli Parker

Product Developer
R&D - Product / Application Development Raintree Laboratories (United States)

Allison Sikes

Senior R&D Engineer
R&D - Fundamental Research Berry Plastics Corporation (United States)

Alroy Friday

SEO Executive
Marketing / Communications 9D Research Group (United States)

Alwin Papegaaij

R&T associate scientist
R&D - Fundamental Research DSM Resins (Netherlands / Holland)

Amit Rade

Web marketing Analysts
Marketing / Communications Million Insights (India)

Amit Rungta

R&D - Product / Application Development Aone Agro Products Pvt Ltd (India)

Amritesh Suman

Marketing Manager
Marketing / Communications Esticast research & consulting (India)

Ana Grisa

Research teacher
R&D - Fundamental Research Universidade de Caxias do Sul (Brazil)

Ana Dotan

R&D - Product / Application Development Israel Plastics and Rubber Center (Israel)

Analí Romero

Chemist and marketer
Sales Freelancer (Spain)

Ancy Nadar

SEO Executive
Marketing / Communications Orbis Research (United States)

Anders Permin

Management / Corporate Dtu (Denmark)

Andrea Arias

Application Specialist
R&D - Product / Application Development Corbion (Netherlands / Holland)

Andrea Driffill

Production / Manufacturing Wildly American Soap Co. (United States)

Andrea Minigher

New Business Development Manager
R&D - Product / Application Development AEP Polymers s.r.l. (Italy)

Andreas Menne

R&D - Process Development Fraunhofer Umsicht (Germany)

Andreas Naumann

CEO & Founder
Management / Corporate Herr (Germany)

Andres Pajuste

Member of Supervisory Board
Management / Corporate NordBioChem Ltd. (Estonia)
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