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Production / Manufacturing RAJ PACKAGING (India)

Akinlolu Akinsanya

Quality Assurance Lead
Quality Flint Group (United States)

Alessia Jurk

SEO Executive
Marketing / Communications Orbis Research (India)

Alex Williamson

Managing Director
Management / Corporate Bio-Based World News (United Kingdom)

Allen David

Business Analyst
Production / Manufacturing Deep Research Reports (India)

Annesa Saha

SEO Executive
Sales Radiant Insights, Inc (United States)

Anwar Hossain, Ph.D.

Consultant (product development)
R&D - Product / Application Development Siamons International, Inc. (Canada)

Bionorm Natural Products

Marketing / Communications Bio-Norm Natural Products (Turkey)

Carl Meza

Marketing Manager
Marketing / Communications Fior Markets (United States)

Carlos Leszman

Plant Mgr
R&D - Product / Application Development Jomasalva SA (Argentina)

Charlie Paul

Research Analyst
R&D - Tech Support Brisk Insights (United Kingdom)

Christophe Cabarry

Management / Corporate SpecialChem SA (France)

Devesh Billore

Digital Markeding (Chemical and Advance Materials)
Marketing / Communications Global Market insights, Inc. (United States)

Doris De Guzman

Marketing / Communications Green Chemicals Blog (United States)

Eleanor Riches

Principal Scientist
R&D - Product / Application Development Waters Corporation (United Kingdom)

Francois-Eudes Ruchon

Business Development Manager, Open Innovation
Sales SpecialChem (France)

Ganesh Khairanr

Digital Marketing Executive
Sales Market Reports Center (India)

Hubert Koebernick

Marketing / Communications Twinsugars (Germany)

Iliana Pavlova

chief expert environment
Quality BIA (Bulgaria)

Jennifer Goins

Business Solutions Manager
R&D - Fundamental Research SCFM (United States)

Julio Santaren

Technological Innovation Manager
R&D - Product / Application Development TOLSA (Spain)

Jyoti Suryawanshi

Commercial Executive
Purchasing Salicylates and chemicals Pvt ltd (India)

Kalpak Jain

Marketing Executive
Marketing / Communications Persistence Market Research Pvt Ltd (United States)

Kusum Saonerkar

Digital Marketing Executive
Marketing / Communications Research Trades (India)

Lawrence Jung

Sr. Research Scientist
R&D - Fundamental Research Applied DNA Sciences (United States)
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