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December 2011

Trends in Resin Technologies

Which main trend in resin technology is most relevant to you?

March 2012

Natural Binders for Biocomposites

Natural Binders for Biocomposites: For which end benefit would you use natural fibers over glass or carbon fibers?

March 2012

Next Generation Surfactant

What are your expectations for a next generation surfactant?

March 2012

Option for Developing Bio-based Binders

Which main option will you favor for developing bio-based binders?

January 2012

Important Factor While Designing Greener Cosmetic Product

What is the most important factor while designing greener cosmetic product?

January 2012

Renewable and Bio-based Adhesive

Why would your company be interested in renewable and bio based adhesives?

February 2012

TPE having Highest Demand in the Future

Which among the following TPEs will be the most needed in future application?

February 2012

Future of cellulosic rheology modifiers in coatings formulations

How do you see the future of cellulosic rheology modifiers in coatings formulations?

February 2012

Percentage of Renewable Carbon to be Market Relevant

What is the minimum percentage of renewable Carbon a material needs to be market relevant?

March 2012

Sustainable products that fulfill requirements

Paint and coating manufacturers are competing to develop sustainable products that fulfill government and market performance requirements. Which of the following technologies do you believe is best able to provide sustainable products at the lowest overall manufacturing and application costs?

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