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January 2011

Formulator Priorities on Coating Formulation Developments or Improvements

In addition to meeting customer performance requirements, what is the current most important factor in carrying out new/improved coating formulation?

March 2011

Most Successful Green Coating Additives

Which green version of the following coating additives have you had the most success in formulating coatings?

May 2011

Ingredient Selection on the Basis of Sustainability

When trying to meet needs of the sustainability trend, I favor ingredients :

April 2011

Considering Renewable-based Isobutanol

How do you consider renewable-based isobutanol today?

August 2011

Perception on PLA

What is your perception on polylactic acid (PLA)?

August 2011

Potential of PLA in Durable Applications

How do you see the potential of PLA in durable applications?

September 2011

Challenge Linked to tackifying resins

According to you, what is the biggest challenge linked to tackifying resins today?

June 2011

Alternative to Soft PVC with Requirements

What is the alternative for soft PVC that fits best with your requirements?

November 2011

Growth of Bioplastics in Plastic Industry

Bioplastics are growing fast but now their consumption is weak. In your opinion, bioplastics can catch 50% of the plastics market in:

December 2011

Top Priority While Developing a Product

What is your top priority while developing a product?

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