About SpecialChem4Bio

At SpecialChem, we are deeply convinced that the future of the chemical industry will be bio-based. We think it is a major need to reach superior levels of sustainability in our world, but also to provide the innovative solutions needed by modern societies.

Our definition of bio-based chemicals and materials is primarily linked to the European Union’s and USDA’s.  We refer to non-food and non-biofuel industrial products derived from biomass including: plants, algae, crops, trees, marine organisms and biological waste from households, animals and food production. This includes products that are fully or partially made of renewable resources. We are excluding natural products such as minerals, as they are not renewable.   

We clearly see an industry surge in interest for  bio-based products in all segments that SpecialChem serves, which aligns with the growing number of commercial products based on  renewable resources. 

When we talk to suppliers of bio-based chemicals and materials, they are eager to invest more in the development of new "bio"-products. But, they need a more in-depth understanding on which markets and associated applications would value their new bio-based material, and if they are ready to accept a premium price to be bio-based. The potential applications are so vast, that it is not an easy task.
On the opposite side of the value chain, most industrial users of chemicals want to understand the technically-proven and commercially-available bio-based products available today. They want to know how to replace their current non-renewable products by bio-based ones, what the compromise on technical performance could be, and finally, a clear understanding on the cost impact.

SpecialChem4Bio is dedicated to educate the value chain on bio-based chemicals and materials, across all process and formulation industries. Similar to our other well-established industry platforms, our objective is to help industry professionals  to accelerate their bio-based innovations and technology development, thanks to:

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